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Why e-commerce brands depend wholly on professional product photography? An expert from a renowned communication agency speaks.
It is true that e-commerce business and product photography are more like complimentary goods where one needs another. Visual images are the USP of any e-commerce business, and over the years best product photo shoot has driven sales in a big way.
A product photo shoot is a prime factor that captivates the customers and turns their desire to demand. The only thing which is missed out over here is that people cannot feel it by hand. Nevertheless, photography holds such prominence that people get easily persuaded.

With the inception of the e-commerce platform, the entire shopping experience of people have changed, and they have even adopted this new personalized style. Along with photographs of the product, there are reviews, complete description, size chart and more that gives people a 360-degree insight into the item.

Why does a professional photographer need to do the product photo shoot of a brand?
A picture is worth a thousand words and more-
At first, it gives a comprehensive view of the original product and then catapults the basic features like colours, shape, and texture. Also, the visuals are available in close-ups from different angles that give a better view to the customers. As there is no such physical touch involves, the photograph tries to give customers the best experience in buying.
Connects the brand with the customer-
In an online business, a brand always tries to connect with the people on the personal ground. Professional product photo shoot enhances this factor to a great extent. They emphasise on real products and services which they shoot and builds up that personal connection.
Building brand credibility-
Good product photographs done by professionals are always a better way to build brand credibility. An inferior product photo shoot creates a negative impression on customers and automatically lowers the credibility of the brand. The quality of the photo, detailing of the product and the angles are a few prominent features too.
The effect of ZMOT-
Many may not know this, but ZMOT or as we say “zero moment of truth” is an essential factor in online shopping. It is that point of online buying where a customer has researched on a particular product and is about to buy it. Over here a professional look of the product plays a crucial role. It helps the prospective customer to visually analyse the product and confirm his or her buying decision.
There are agencies in Bangalore, that conduct a product photo shoot for clients and brands across `the country and all have a different perspective at work. Some may differ on views opinions and even technicalities. But the above points hold some great significance as a professional photo shoot is much essential whenever it comes to e-commerce. From brand enhancement to drive sales to look
and feel of the product, it covers all aspects of marketing.

How? Read below.
A design should always be intriguing and creative for a long term recall value. Every designer makes sure that it catches the attention of the end user. It may be a very simple one or an out of the box concept, at the end all you need is to make the consumers believe in the art of creation.
Food label designing is quite challenging for a designer. It offers a little space with less information but aims to build a proper message. Every company tries to implement the best design work for its particular brand.
There are certain things which a designer should keep in mind while creating a visual for a food product. A design should be such that a consumer ogles at it for a long time and then finally buys it over other products.
What makes a food label design sell able  in the market?
Before designing a food label for a product it is very important to understand the image of the brand and also the target consumers.
Specific information- The design should consist of very specific information about the product. A consumer just needs to know the basic about the product and that too in short. A designer should always insert a little piece of information and that will suffice.
Easy to read- The content on the label should be lucid for the mass to understand. All the descriptions should be short and simple in its presentation.
Proper nutritional information- It has become mandatory for companies to show the exact nutritional value of a food product. A designer should leave enough space to put the nutritional value.
Info graphics- A new way of presenting information to the consumers. Simple content doesn’t really work in the recent years. Time has come to make content interesting with graphical representation. Almost every food label designing consist of a proper info graphic.
Use of color- Proper use of color is another important aspect in designing. A food label should have the best color contrast for the consumers to buy the product.
A consumer always prefers to buy a product which catches your attention at the very first time. Although quality and brand matter a lot yet the food label design is the first thing that strikes your eyes before buying.

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