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Logo Designing

Words that form a part of a logo are just as important as graphics. The quality of a logo can tell the consumer how much their image (and customer opinion) means to that company. The aesthetic appeal of a logo, or any piece of art or design for that matter, will be considered while designing a logo. We at Designtheme get the fundamentals of design right to ensure that a logo will appeal to anyone.

We consider few things that are important when talking about functionality are the simplicity, scalability, color, and depth. It’s important to the functionality of a logo that it’s not too intricate and that it doesn’t incorporate things like gradients or shadows as integral parts of the design.

We study the target market of our customers and come up with the logo which displays right image about the company. This means that the style will be easily identified with the industry/product/service which must give a clear picture of what is being marketed.


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