Crafting an Innovative Package Design

Package design is one of the largest factors that can influence the decision of a customer. An aesthetically designed package can increase the value of the product. As a customer, the first thing we look at is the package. An attractive logo and meaningful illustrations can draw people in. If your package tells a story through its design, your customers will be intrigued and curious to know more about it.


A spice manufacturing company with bakery items as their latest addition. The company was started in 2005. The new addition to their product line required creative artwork. Designtheme Innoventics (DTI) took on this creative challenge to make a unique and meaningful package design that would stand out.


The challenge was representing various aspects of the company through one design:

The doodle art needed to represent the bakery culture and had to stand out.
The artwork had to depict () brightly and colorfully.
DTI had to make sure that the overall design was quite different from other competitors in the U.S market.

The purpose of the product was to describe the journey it has been through. From the fields in India to the bakeries, and finally to the customer. In this journey, the design must portray emotions such as joy, satisfaction, and excitement through colorful and contrasting illustrations.


Designtheme Innoventics (DTI) has persistently strived towards telling stories through a visual and aesthetic medium. As a Bangalore-based creative agency, DTI has successfully worked on thousands of projects and created ingenious design solutions. DTI’s creative team began brainstorming and creating the doodle-based artwork to exemplify the client’s vision.

Firstly, the challenge was to depict () through the doodles. For this, the DTI team took a creative approach. They created a map of India with the illustration of a chef holding a tray of bakery items. This covered the primary requirement of getting the message of authentic ‘Indian bakery products.’

() has two product ranges for which they required the artwork: Rusk and Atta Biscuits. To create doodle artwork for the Rusk packaging DTI had to incorporate challenging elements like ghewar design. This had to depict the agricultural sector and festive mode of art on the package. Condensing all these instances was a challenge. However, DTI’s out-of-the-box approach delivered satisfactory results.


Through intricate design choices and research DTI was able to come up with aesthetically appealing and deeply meaningful package designs. The doodle art for each product fit perfectly with their origin, flavor, and target audience. The signature mascot of the Indian bakery chef helped depict the company, () in a vibrant manner. Success stories such as this one motivate DTI to continue developing unique design solutions.

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