Creating a brand mascot for AMK rice bags.
Creating a brand mascot for AMK rice bags. Overview:  AMK has been a very recognized brand of rice manufacturers and sellers in India. They have been in this business for generations now and upgrade their technology regularly to deliver quality products to their customers. They reached out to Design Theme...
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Spice it UP! Love the sizzle, as you drizzle
Discovering Indian cuisine is like a journey from North Pole to South Pole. The reason why India boasts of thousands of recipes that are healthy with medicinal value is because of its amazing variety of spices and herbs along with a plethora of cooking techniques since ages. Spices and dried...
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An Artistic Pack that Caught attention in UAE Market
One don’t need to travel to India to discover Indian cuisine, Indian food has made its trademark across the world. People living in US, Canada, Singapore have Indian restaurants that offer meals with rice, millets, poha etc. Indian spices add a great aroma and taste to the dishes which has...
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